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A healthy CELL keeps you WELL!

Our technologies may assist with boosting your energy, repairing muscle and tissue, and addressing pain from Inflammation. They also have been shown to improve neurological processes to help you sleep and boost your focus. Let us help you regain the production and active lifestyle that your body is capable of giving you.

If pushing to do those extra squats at the gym has you in a world of hurt, or an injury has you sidelined when you live to get in the game, all you want to do is recover – fast. Stronger. Better. Healthier. It’s who you are. It’s not about setting a goal, it’s about blazing past it. The proven treatments at REJUUV Wellness will take you there. From world-class athletes to weekend warriors, our range of services are designed to advance your game – and health. Let's get started!

Spend a little time with us and the usual ‘downtime’ for recovery becomes a thing of the past.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

With Whole-Body Cryotherapy, you step in to the chill and surround yourself in the transformative power of extremely cold temperatures (as low as -220ºF). In just three minutes, you’ll promote your body’s recovery, performance, and total wellness; reducing inflammation to help relieve pain and increasing endorphin levels to enhance your mood.


Localized Cryotherapy

If your source of discomfort is more specific yet still limits all you do, our Localized Cryotherapy is the relief you need. As cryogenically cooled air penetrates deep into the layers of tissue, blood circulation is increased, alleviating pain and speeding up recovery.


Compression Therapy

REJUUV Wellness also offers you the healing powers of Compression Therapy. Like a massage, enhanced by science, The PULSE Recovery System by NormaTec uses a patented pulse massage pattern of compressed air to soothe your arms, legs, lower back, hips; mobilizing blood flow, and accelerating recovery.

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Light Therapy/PBM

What if you could ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and spasm? You’d feel like new, right? Then it’s time to experience Celluma Light Therapy at REJUUV Wellness. Developed with NASA and approved by the FDA, Celluma Light Therapy works on a cellular level using unique low-level light therapy proven to decrease inflammation and repair compromised tissue cells.



Red Light and Frequency therapy are designed to target and assist the repair and rejuvenation of cells. Whether we’re boosting the production of ATP within the mitochondria of the cells, or activating a detoxification process to eliminate toxins and heavy metals, our goal is to slow down your aging process by generating the production of new cells, supercharging the cells that you currently have, and slowing their decay.