Weight loss is a term for decreased body weight resulting from voluntary action, diet and exercise, or involuntary, illness.  In the context of medicine, health or physical fitness it refers to a reduction in total body mass in terms of loss of fluid, body fat or lean mass.  Weight loss for overweight individuals can help reduce health risks.  It can reduce pain and increase movement for people with arthritis and improve other ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and breathing problems and sleep apnea. 


Rejuuv Wellness offers a 3 Phase Weight Loss program. 


The first phase is about taking control of your eating habits.  It allows your body to go into a fat burning zone while keeping your blood sugars stable.  This is a convenient program by taking out counting calories and supplying healthy fueling.

The second phase is working with a Certified Nutrition Coach to help you maintain the weight loss during the transition.  This is designed to help you incorporate habits and routines to your food and snack choices.


The third phase incorporates a unique introduction to physical fitness.  With the use of a Vibration plate, we can increase muscle mass to allow for muscle toning and calorie burning in a short time burst of exercise.  It is individualized by a Certified Personal Training to ensure you are getting the right program for your goals.

Our Weight Loss program allows you to start at any phase, depending where you are in your weight loss journey. 


One phase compliments the next phase, and with the use of a 3D Body Scan, progress is demonstrated with objective measure such as % body fat, circumference measurements and a 3D visual assessment.